Having fun with Business Cards
Five fun games for your stash of business cards

1, World Cup of Business Cards

Pick 16 or 32 business cards at random (depending on how much work you’ve got on) from your collection of business cards. They’ll probably be in your desk’s bottom drawer.

You can then choose your selection criteria whether it be the best designed business card or the nicest person or maybe the hardest person (good to know if you need someone beaten up) and then you do the draw like the World Cup selecting pairs to play against each other.

Using the criteria you have selected – you select the winner of the pair to go through to the next round.

Obviously you eventually get down to two business cards in the final. Now you may wish to contact these two people to see whether they may wish to add any weight to the selection process. You may also wish to bring in some of your colleagues to add comments to the debate.

You may also wish to film the final debate and then share this movie online. However you do need to select your winner and of course they must win a prize.

2, Snog Marry Avoid

Weed out all the business cards from the opposite sex and then place them into three piles

Those who you’d have a snog with, those you’d want to marry and those you’d rather never see again.

If you find any cards you can’t remember what they look like – you have to hunt down their picture on their website. However if you can’t find their photo there is a penalty – you have to make contact with them and request an image.

Once you have your three piles you need to find your winners and place them on the top of the piles. It is also a good idea to track down photos of your pile leaders so you can share them with other members of your office.

If you are single without morals you have to ask out the top of the snog pile on a date.

You may also wish to produce certificates and send them through the post to each of the pile leaders – not sure how your boss would feel about that but hey it’s only work right?

3, Down the pan

You go through your business card collection – find the worst business card design and then flush it down the toilet. Repeat daily until your business card collection reaches a more manageable size. Don’t worry if it was your boss’s card you ditched – it was their fault for having a rubbish business card.

4, Flick ‘Em

Get a hat or a bin or something similar in size and shape and put it on the floor. Then sitting or standing some distance away (maybe 6-10 feet) try to flick the business cards into the target.

You may wish to challenge one of your colleagues to get their stash of business cards out of their bottom drawer. There definitely needs to be some clear rules, i.e. no overstepping the line, a limited number of business cards can be used, etc.

If you do manage to get someone’s card into the hat or bin –> they can then go through to the final. Repeat until you have a winner.

5, Business Cards got Talent

Using an online music player like, spotify, or select some form of random song selector. Take a group of business cards and shuffle them into some form of order.

This order is now linked to the songs played. You must then judge each song for its quality and you also need to imagine the person on the business card singing that song.

Once you have heard everyone’s business card sing one song – you select your least favourite ‘singing business card’ who gets ejected from the competition. You then start the process again until you have just one person remaining – this business card definitely has talent – you can then send the owner of that business card an email explaining their victory and the songs they sung along the way. Alternatively you produce a CD for them and send it in the post.


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