The Original Poster Boy

Jules Cheret

Ever Heard of Jules Cheret?  Me either until a few days ago, but we actually have a lot to thank him for as he’s the guy generally considered to be the father of the modern poster.  Just as what we think of as modern printing was getting going in the 1890s, lots of artists in France were staring to produce poster size advertising sheets as a way of showing off their work and earning a crust at the same time, But Cheret was the one who had the idea of making them sexier and much more commercial.  He dared (oh the shock!) to show women as smiling, sexy creatures rather than the demure and refined ladies that society expected of “arty” pictures.  Sure enough his poster printers were a big commercial success of the day and everyone else was soon copying his style.

It’s Kylie – Honest

So next time you see a scantily clad girl (or boy) pouting from a teenagers bedroom wall spare a thought for Monsiuer Cheret and his foresight in appreciating the commercial viability of loose morals.

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