Creative Business Cards Need QR Codes

Have you noticed them?  Once you do, you’ll start seeing them in more and more places – on products in shops, on newspaper pages, even on billboards.  They’re called QR Codes (stands for Quick Response apparently) and they’re the MENSA version of the bar code, cleverer than you’re average country hick type of bar code you find on cartons of milk, because they contain literally hundreds of times the amount of information.

“So what!” I hear you cry.

Well it’s quite snazzy really, as the most common use for this amount of encoded wizardry is website links, and it’s becoming quite the thing to start adding them to business cards.  They’ve already gone for it in a big way in the Far East, and we’re starting to see it become popular over here.  All you need is the right App on your iPhone or Smartphone, and you can scan the code with your camera.  Your device browser will then load up the link you’ve just scanned, and before you know it you’re not only looking at the business card, but the business webpage, Linked In profile, Facebook page or even YouTube video of the person who gave you the card.

Loads of potential here for getting a message across and being really memorable, so if you looking for business cards with that little bit extra to offer, QR codes are the way to go.

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