Worlds Biggest Custom Made Rubber Stamp

OK – Trivia Time, and next time you’re ever asked “what’s the biggest job you’ve ever been asked to do?” you can at least say it was nothing like this.

This is the Worlds biggest custom made rubber stamp, located in – you guessed it – the USA.

Standing 28′ 10″ tall, 26′ wide and 49′ long it really is a monster.  Designed and built for the SOHIO petroleum company in Cleveland, the company was bought by BP who for some reason decided they didn’t like having an enormous “FREE” stamp by the front door – can’t imagine why.  After a few years in storage the stamp was moved to Willard Park, Cleveland, Ohio, where it can still be seen.

So there you go, how to leave your stamp on the world (sorry – couldn’t resist)


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