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As a thriving seaside town, Brighton has a lively community of young, vibrant, outdoor loving, young at heart, well – weirdos.  Nothing wrong with a cold beer in a warm pub as the perfect recreational pursuit, which is why I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of this bumper sticker.

We of the expanding waistlines and fondness for all the comforts modern society can provide without feeling the need for any of that healthy self-flagellation nonsense need to make a stand in support of sofa loving society, and I also see a marvellous opportunity in setting up printer sticker services for just this kind of public awareness campaign.

Now could you pass me the ketchup, my burger’s getting cold.

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Jim is a prolific networker, small business mentor and a supporter of anything 'community'. He is an ambassador for Young Enterprise on the South Coast and loves to spend his time encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in everyone he meets.

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