A New Twist on Recycled Business Cards

recycled business cards
Bring Me Your Wages!

I love recycled business cards.  They’re good for the environment, they’re good for the economy, and they’re a way of keeping my wages paid, which is particularly close to my heart.  If we run out of trees and paper, I’ll have to go out and get a proper job – the very thought!

But there is another kind of recycling that we tend to forget about.  It’s what our grandparents thought of as recycling, and what nowadays would be called Re-Use.  Rather than throwing something away, to be bashed, broken and reduced to raw materials so it can go back in to the factory and start all over again, simply find another job for the article in question.

With this in mind I decided to recycle some of my old business cards (not as snazzy as my new ones).  I put some under the leg of the desk to stop it wobbling – worked a treat.  I cut a couple up and used the backs as labels for my files (starting to feel very green now). I shoved a load through the shredder and now have a bag full of bedding for the kid’s hamsters (I’ll get an award from the environmental lobby at this rate), and then hit on the ultimate use for those little card rectangles – I made a dice!

Now I can help the unsuspecting chimps in the warehouse to recycle their wages in to my bank account – I wonder if they’ll notice I put a six on two sides?

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Jim is a prolific networker, small business mentor and a supporter of anything 'community'. He is an ambassador for Young Enterprise on the South Coast and loves to spend his time encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in everyone he meets.

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