Using images to improve your printed flyers

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You Put It Where!
It’s a wise old saying, a truism, a biological fact, hey it’s even the lyrics to a song.
Remember: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words!
And this is why you should use pictures.
Now I understand you may not consider anything I say as being remotely useful, and I don’t take it personally. I’ve been married for twenty years and have three teenage children, two of them daughters, so being generally ignored is par for the course. But this information comes from keener minds than my own.Psychological studies have shown that our brains are actually hard wired to respond to images. It’s an evolutionary thing where we evolved to absorb images very quickly so we could respond suitably when we noticed a lion hiding behind a small shrub, ready to pounce. And it’s actually hard to ignore. When you see a picture, however briefly, it registers on your conscious radar.

This is why you should put them on your flyers and leaflets. When a person is handed a piece of paper with just writing on it, it’s easy for them to just blank it and throw it in the bin. Put a picture on there and they can’t help it, they’ll look – just like you couldn’t ignore old tonsils here!

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