Business Flyers and The Great Game

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Icelands’ Advice Campaign
Following The Burger Scare

You may remember some time ago I posted a little snippet about how flyers got their name, and the heroic pedigree of those little bits of paper advertising the latest offerings from the curry house on the corner. It was all about how the nickname was coined when the military started dropping them from aircraft over enemy lines to try and persuade those unsavoury types on the other side to stop being so mean, and encouraging the local population to muck in and help put a stop to all the unpleasantness.

Well, I was reading a piece about psychological warfare the other day (in this business you pick up tips where you can) and it was actually talking about flyers. It stated that to be considered “airborne leaflet propaganda”, the flyer had to do at least one of six things: Threaten destruction; Encourage surrender, Offer rewards; Disseminate information and counter the enemies disinformation; Facilitate communication; or Offer humanitarian assistance.

Now the business flyers we produce at Face Media Group tend not to follow this particular model in their layout and copy writing style, but I wonder how the sales figures might improve if the local Spar shop gave it a go……….?

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