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Coming up with ideas for the heading on a business flyer can be a bit of a challenge.  What will really grab the readers attention?  What will make them want to read the rest of the flyer and get the whole message?

There are all sorts of tips and ideas to help come up with a real winner of a heading or slogan, but my favourite is always the benefit statement.  What will buying the product or going to the event do to really improve someones life?  Why will they be better off for having dealt with you?

It’s a simple idea to make work as well.  You start with the features of your product, what does it do, why is it great?  Then you think about that actually means to the person reading your flyer, and use that as your heading.  If you’re trying to shift a stock of nice warm thermal socks you don’t hand out flyers saying “socks for sale”, you hand out a business flyer with a big splash heading saying “Have the Warmest Toes In Town – 25% OFF”.  Hand out those on a cold day and see how much interest you drum up.  Get the idea?

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