Large Format Printing


Large Fornat Printing
Bet He Didn’t See This One Coming
No – You haven’t stumbled in to the old persons section of your local library (if the text for older people is bigger in the books, are the stories on CD louder as well?….but I digress…) it’s just that I’m making a point about how effective large format printing can be.  Seriously, move away from the screen, go back a few steps and I bet you can still read this.
And that’s the whole point.  It’s great for standing out to people who:
a.     are passing by and you want to grab their attention.
b.     need a visual slap to make sure they notice what you want them to.
My favourite products in this range are the life sized cardboard cut outs of people. We’ve only started doing them recently and I just love ‘em.  You can have film stars printed up to make your parties look more sophisticated than they really are (yes all you young geeks – Angelina Jolie can make it to your party in her skimpy Lara Croft outfit!), you can have staff cut outs printed to leave in your sales offices or exhibition stands, although leaving one at your desk or by the water cooler instead of turning up at the office won’t fool the boss (I should have remembered to ask someone to move it around a bit, it may have worked then), or give the kids their favourite pop star as a really cool Xmas or birthday present. 
It really doesn’t matter as long as you remember that size does, in fact, matter.

Jim is a prolific networker, small business mentor and a supporter of anything 'community'. He is an ambassador for Young Enterprise on the South Coast and loves to spend his time encouraging entrepreneurial spirit in everyone he meets.

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