Celebrity Cut Outs and Masks – The Party Must Have!

celebrity cut out

Xmas is over and now it’s time for the New Year’s Eve parties. The problem is people can be partied out by now and building up everyone’s enthusiasm can be a bit of a challenge. What you need is to do something a bit different, something that will give your party the wow factor, and we have just the thing – life sized celebrity cut outs and masks of all your favourite celebrities. Order in a few of these and you have an instant theme for a fancy dress party/Masked Ball. Get everyone to dress as a favourite celebrity, give them an appropriate mask, and you can even have a prize for the best turned out on the night.

Cardboard cut outs are a great backdrop to the party and a guaranteed life size cut outtalking point, and by handing out masks you have your very own ready-made “A” list event. In fact your biggest problem may well be to stop the guests running off with their favourites at the end of the night.

Just image, you can have a cut out of Prince Charles to meet everyone at the door as they come in, Keith Lemon in the kitchen, smiling over the buffet, and Dizzy Rascal camped out by the music system. And for the oldies out there who can’t resist the retro vibe, we can even print up your Abba favourites for the end of evening embarrassment which just seems inevitable once a certain age group have made it past midnight.

And don’t just take my word for it, loads of people are getting in to the cut out craze – check out these:


So be the first to start the craze in your part of town and organise your very own shindig complete with the flat famous to get everyone talking.

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