Stickers Just Can’t Be Held Back

Funny stickers

My last blog was all about how using stickers made my life easier over Xmas, and since then I’ve been reminded that I have in fact been using those sticky little pieces for years already. In a long and varied life and career, sticky situations (sorry – couldn’t resist) have occurred many times and I thought it would be fun to see just what they do in fact get used for. Here at Face Media Group we do of course print the usual range, including full colour stickers, inverted window stickers, screen printed stickers, bumper stickers, stickers on a roll and silver acrylic stickers, but even we hadn’t thought about some of the more imaginative ways stickers make their mark in the world, including the new rage of digital stickering.

Just take a look at some of these unusual takes on the idea:

So the humble sticker has grown up in the new digital age and it seems people will always find interesting variations to make use of this old classic.

Stickers Bring Down The Divorce Rate Over Xmas (Allegedly)

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