We Should Have Turned Left At That Last Sign!

While the floods so many parts of the country have suffered over the last few weeks are hardly something to laugh about, it’s a sign of good old British resilience that when faced with adversity, high on the list of actions to take is to have a laugh about it.  This picture appeared while the floods were at their worst a couple of weeks ago and quickly made the rounds, and quite right too.  Humour is a great way of taking the edge off difficult situations, and we need more of it to make life a nicer experience all round.
That’s why I like to keep an eye out for funny signs.  They’re unexpected little treats that bring a smile when you least expect it, especially if they’re really inappropriate.  Try it next time you’re out and about, take a second look at the pavement swinger signs outside shops or the posters in shop windows and you’ll discover they’re more common than you might think.  Shop signs, road signs, pavement signs – we see them all the time and far too often don’t quite pay attention to what they actually say, missing the little gems that a few sharp witted characters leave around for our unsuspecting pleasure.
Here are a few websites where other funny sign enthusiasts post the goodies I wish I’d had the chance to see myself:


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