The first of many case study posts. This one contains 12 Christmas card designs with have designed and printed for our customers over the last few years.

Greetings card design for Core Surveys (one of two)
Greetings card design for Core Surveys (two of two)

These are two designs for Core Surveys. Utilising their ‘atom’ logo and colours. Keeping very much within their brand guidelines.

Greetings card for Hexa Services (Manchester)

We’ve been printing Hexa’s Christmas stationary for a few years, this one is from 2008. Nice and simple.

Christmas card design for Incorpore (branded Santa)

This is a little 105mm sq greetings card for Incorpore – the national fitness network. Love this one.

Greetings card design for PDP Electrical

Every year, Paul from PDP Electrical says… ‘I don’t know, make me laugh!’. Well, it’s not hard to make an electrician laugh – stick a red hat on a plug, he’s be rolling round the floor laughing.

First Finanical Ltd's Christmas card design

Full on bespoke design for First Financial Ltd – They sent these out to all their customers.

Christmas card design for Help 4 IT

Illustrated characters on this design for Help4IT

Snowy landscape greetings card for wine merchants, South Down Cellars (one of five in a collection)

This was a series of little cards for ‘South Down Cellars’ – Lucy sourced 5 different images for this beautiful collection of Christmas voucher cards.

Xmas card design for DWS (Document Workflow Solutions)

Simple Christmas tree design for DWS

A Christmas Tree of sponge - perfect Xmas card design for Sussex Cleaning and Care Ltd

This client is a cleaning company (Sussex Cleaning & Care). This tree gives the appearance it’s made from stacked sponges.

Festive keyboard greetings card for RivaNet (IT support company)

What better seasonal image for a computer company than a Christmas customised keyboard.

Greetings card for Elite Incident Management Ltd

Classic bauble and lights design for Elite

Wonderful period photo shoot, which says 'World War 1' for NMTS Excellence. (My personal favourite)

Here’s my favourite. It’s the members from NMTS Excellence – from looking closely at the card, the client arranged a photo shoot, in a field, on some old hay bails, had everyone dress up in WWI period dress, and shot in sepia tone. It’s EXCELLENT.


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