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We can print pretty much anything. From hats, t-shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts and sportswear to socks and sandals we can print it for you. You can either choose from the many products in our clothing catalogue or provide your own for us to print on.

Make sure you view our clothing catalogue to see the full range of products available.

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Printing on clothing - What options are there?

Vinyl Printing - Small Print Runs: 0-25 Units

Vinyl print is when a sheet of coloured vinyl is cut out and heat pressed to the clothing. This process is ideally suited to short run promotional use. You don't see vinyl printed clothing on the shop floor for sale, that's screen print - but you can guarantee when you're in a bar or club and the barmaid turns round with 'crew' written on her back, that's vinyl. The vinyl sticks to the surface of the cloth.

Vinyl printing does have a high unit cost, but without associated costs, like screen setup charges, therefore it is perfect for short runs of one or two colour work. Most logos or messages can be conveyed in one colour (mono) so as long as you're not too hung up on your full colour logo, a run of vinyl tee's will do the trick. This price list is based on small orders of up to 50 units. If you would like to order more please consider screen printing. Prices exclude clothing costs and vinyl setup costs (artwork dependant). You can always supply your own sourced clothing - this must be suitable for printing. These prices are for standard vinyl, other vinyls are available, including foils, glitters, flock and iridescent (night time) vinyl's.

Screen printing - Larger Print Runs: 25+ Units

For larger runs your items will be best, screen printed. This minimum unit count is 25 units. If you plan to print less than 25 units please see our vinyl cost matrix, its more cost effective. Prices include screen setup costs but exclude clothing costs (artwork dependant). You can always supply your own sourced clothing - this must be suitable for printing.

Screen printed clothing is for long runs, it's what you'll find in stores, with a cool design on. Screen printing is excellent for low cost, professional branded and printed clothing. Dependant on the design, many cool effects can be achieved. These prices below are for standard screen printing inks, but we can also screen print using 'puffy inks' and thermal inks.

When calculating how many colours (or screens) you'll need for your print, screen print needs careful thought. It's not as simple as CMYK. You can't just put down yellow and blue to make green. Every colour within the artwork, will need it's own screen, so look carefully at your art and think 'can I reduce the amount of different colours in this job?' because it could save you a fortune. It's not rare for a full colour job to actually need 8, 9 or even 10 screens. If in doubt, send us your art and we'll advise you.


Use the matrix below for embroidery pricing. Prices exclude clothing costs but do include the embroidery setup, based on a 5000 stitch logo/text (artwork dependant). Embroidery is usually used on the left breast (your left breast), or on a sleeve (short sleeve polo or shirt). We also do caps and hats.

Embroidery is often seen as a higher quality branding process to vinyl printing a logo - better because when your logo is full colour, this can be achieved with embroidery. Embroidery works similarly to screen printing, full colour isn't really full colour - it achieving a result from, say, 32 available colours.

Customer Testimonials

Best Coach | Ewa Griffiths

Yes, thank you, the sample pack arrived and was just fine. I requested samples from a few different companies, and have decided to use your company for my printing needs. As this is a small start-up company, I want to think very carefully about the material I decide to print, so maybe it will be another week or so before you hear from me (budgets and such..). As for your sample pack, I'd like to say that it is definitely the best I received - I absolutely loved the way you have printed on the samples what size they are, and the cost, rather than the usual way of presenting them. I'd also like to mention, that I found the material innovative and exciting, and that my first impression was that you would be a good company to work with. So full marks for your marketing! I had actually decided to browse your site today for more ideas and inspiration, so I'm sure you'll hear from me again soon