Recycled Printing

Why go green?

Being green doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on recycled paper when it comes to environmentally friendly business stationery and promotional print. In fact all our standard products are Elemental Chlorine Free, FSC certified and from sustainable sources. All our lithographic presses use vegetable based inks, and hold ISO14001 environmental standards certification. 

You want it green, you can have it green.

Whatever your print project, if you want it printed on 100% recycled paper, we can make that happen, just start a conversation with us. The products listed below, are not the extent of our eco print capabilities, you just need to talk to us.

Product Range

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Is 'recycled' really the best environmentally friendly option?

If you're environmentally conscious then you may think that recycled printing is the way to go. However there is often a misconception that confuses recycling with recycled when it comes to paper.

Recycling your paper is important and most recycled paper goes in to packing materials and other applications that don't require a printable surface. Recycled paper is not suitable for printing without being subjected to similar processes that virgin paper has gone through.

Most significantly, unlike plastics and glass that use up the worlds unsustainable minerals that can take thousand if not millions of years to regenerate paper is completely different.

All virgin paper that is sold in the UK has come from sustainable forests, this means chopping down old pulp wood trees, that have been grown specifically for making paper and replacing them with new ones. Old trees are far less effective at generating the oxygen than new trees so this act is actually a very environmentally friendly way of regeneration.

Because of the current hype about recycling there has been a demand for recycled printing, and because there is demand there is a market, so we do offer recycled printing, but we do think that it's important that you make an informed decision.

Our position is very much on the fence, we don't feel buying recycled paper is necessary but being sure to recycle your paper afterwards is actually the important bit.

About the eco office range

Our full colour eco office range of products are 100% post consumer reclaimed material which conforms to FSC (forest stewardship council) standards. All items are printed in full colour with vegetable based inks and are fully supported by

We don't just stop at business stationery when it comes to recycled, we also have recycled flyers and leaflets, menus and all other types of eco friendly print in our eco flyers range.

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100% FSC recycled paper and Carbon Balanced

  • FSC certified as containing 100% post-consumer reclaimed material
  • The paper is manufactured using Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) pulp.
  • Conforms to criteria set by Government for recycled papers
  • 100 and 120 g/m2 are guaranteed for mono and colour inkjet printing and for mono and colour laser printing
  • Compares well with premium uncoated grades for brightness and whiteness, while its smoothness ensures precision printing
  • Has a very good level of opacity
  • Available in a wide range of weights ranging from 80 -350 g/m2
  • Revive is sourced through Demaur Paper

Sustainability Statement for Revive 100% Recycled Range

  • Recycled 
  • FSC 
  • EUTR 
  • EMAS 
  • EU EcoLabel 
  • Blue Angel 
  • ISO14001 
  • ISO9001 
  • ISO50001 
  • OHSAS18001 

Product Compliance

  • EUTR EU (995/2010)
  • Modern Slavery Act
  • Pulp Traceability
  • Product Safety