Promotional and Personalised Gifts

Retainable items such as pens, badges, key rings are a great way to be remembered, they serve as a reminder of your services, ethos and brand.  This encourages loyalty and repeat orders and can be useful as give aways at exhibitions and events. 

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Everybody wants to be remembered!

We all want our hard work to be recognised, for the rewards of this recognition means we build strong, rewarding, relationships that stand the test of time. This can be said about many facets of modern life, and in today’s fast paced working environment, new business is often won on price, customer service, and overall customer experience. Companies often believe that gifts are a costly marketing tool that is overlooked in the current economic climate.  We encourage our customers to not only market their business utilising standard marketing tools such as flyers, leaflets and posters but to be remembered, by growing their brands. Using retainable items such as pens, note pads, mugs, to name but a few. These items serve as constant reminder of the customer experience they received from your company and encourages repeat business.

You can give them out;

  • At meetings / trade shows / exhibitions / community events
  • To your top customers – customer loyalty reward
  • Celebrate an event or important time (e.g. company birthday or anniversary)
  • Leave them on your front desk for customers to take
  • Give them out with every order a customer has placed

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