Business Card Collecting – Really!

As part of a leading UK printing business I have a great (and vested) interest in business cards.  Some may call me an afficionado, others less complimentary names, but I’ve got nothing on this guy.

Doc Kloepfer, a US citizen (who would have guessed?) has collected over 80,000 business cards.

His own cards identify him as Texas Admiral P. M. (Doc) Kloepfer, and in his own words:

“I am an honorary admiral in the state of Texas, appointed by George W. Bush, when he was governor,” he said, showing certificates naming him an Admiral in the Texas Navy and an Honorary Texan. “I asked for them – I knew they were available.”

Now I’ve met some interesting clients in my time, but I’d give half of my Xmas presents to have Doc walk in to the office and place an order – Please Santa?

Check out this article at: Doc Kloepfer

And if by any chance you read this, Doc, and need just one more printed business card for your collection, let us know.

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Santas Business Card

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