Business Card Finishing Techniques

Here goes – in the last post I mentioned that we love producing bespoke business cards, and you the different techniques let us come up with some really creative business cards.  Here are some of the great finishes we can come up with:


Varnish is applied to the card as lettering or for designs to create a visually attractive as well as really tactile card.  We can create a number of finishes including; gloss, matt, satin and silk.


Lamination refers to the application of layers on the card, producing a different texture and feel to the card and is water and tear resistant. The finished effect can be either gloss or dull or satin, depending on the desired effect. 


Foil is a very thin sheet of metal that is applied to the card.  It provides a very classy finish and creates an impression of quality and style.


A card produced using thermography has raised detail, similar in appearance to engraving.  The effect is achieved by adding a special powder to the ink which thickens the ink, leaving it raised from the card.


Embossing produces a raised image or lettering  on the card.   The effect can be dramatic as and give the card a very nice feel.

Die Cut

Die cutting is the cutting out of shapes in the card itself, or trimming the edges in to curves and shapes. 
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