Here’s ten bespoke Christmas Card designs for our customers.

Greetings card design for Tarmak Films
This card for Tarmak Films is nice, simple and festive.

Christmas card design for DataCard
DataCardGroup used this design to affix one of their plastic cards.

Christmas card design for Stamner House
This design for Stanmer House, signed by all the staff… This card also had a 10% off voucher printed within.

A bespoke 'snowboarding' Christmas card design by Jem Robinson
Anyone for ‘Snow Boarding’. This card was designed for Jem Robinson.

A great little Christmas card design for our friend @citizendan
A original design by our friends @citizendan – a fellow twitterer. Card designs like this are what bespoke Christmas cards are all about.

Family Christmas card for The Wafts
A family Christmas card for ‘The Wafts’ – excellent.

Face Media Group variable data card - the 'company name' was changed to the recipients name
Our very own Christmas card design for Christmas 2009 – I just hope we can lick the stamps in time for last post.

#wordle Christmas card design for Simon & Gill
Simon and Gill sent this design in, produced on ‘Wordle’ – a great little tool for creating ‘tag clouds’ and amazing word art using your blog, twitter tweets, or just your own collection of words.

This card was designed for a driving instructor (Highlands Drive)
A greetings card fro your driving instructor – what a nice touch. This card was for Steve at Highlands Drive.

'Dress Me Up' Lady Santa, by Neel Morley, for Brighton & Hove LGBT switchboard
And this is number ten. Taken from a series of 5 cards, design in a competition for the Brighton & Hove LGB Switchboard. ‘Dress Me Up’ Lady Santa, designed by Neel Morley

A great selection of bespoke greetings cards, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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