Monthly Archives: November 2012

Flyers Do Actually Fly!

Flyers are all over the place, as you probably know from the little mountain of them that the local curry houses seem capable of shoving through your letter box every week, but did you know there is in fact a reason they’re called “flyers”? Mc Donalds Menus Delivered to Afghan Courtesy of the US Air […]

The Original Poster Boy

Jules Cheret Ever Heard of Jules Cheret?  Me either until a few days ago, but we actually have a lot to thank him for as he’s the guy generally considered to be the father of the modern poster.  Just as what we think of as modern printing was getting going in the 1890s, lots of […]

Santas Business Card

Yep, you heard it here first, Santa is prepared for the worst.  In the event of his untimely demise due to an unfortunate air traffic incident whilst delivering pressies in the Heathrow area, or some underhand business being perpetrated by an unruly element of the Elf community, Santa has laid the foundations of his succession. […]