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Business Card Finishing Techniques

Here goes – in the last post I mentioned that we love producing bespoke business cards, and you the different techniques let us come up with some really creative business cards.  Here are some of the great finishes we can come up with: Varnish Varnish is applied to the card as lettering or for designs to create […]

Bespoke Business Cards

Varnished Bespoke Business Card There are business cards, and there are bespoke business cards, and the difference is really quite marked.  Most people who have business cards printed put the effort in to coming up with a nice logo, choosing a good colour design and font, and then have them printed on a decent card.  […]

We Should Print Greetings Cards For “Guys Day” Too

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, along comes another insipid national event calculated to emasculate the majority of burger-eating mankind with a barely concealed attempt to remove any remaining vestige of dignity and self-esteem. I am of course talking about last weeks Valentine’s day, from which I’ve barely recovered.  I work hard at being […]

Custom Made Stamps With Pointy Ears?

I was chatting with a colleague about custom stamps and the fact that they use vulcanised rubber for the actual stamp face.  Nothing unusual in this, it’s the kind of rubber that’s used for most of the rubbery things we see around us, from tyres to washers and much else besides.  But I couldn’t help the […]

Printer Sticker Services To Make You Smile

As a thriving seaside town, Brighton has a lively community of young, vibrant, outdoor loving, young at heart, well – weirdos.  Nothing wrong with a cold beer in a warm pub as the perfect recreational pursuit, which is why I just couldn’t resist getting a picture of this bumper sticker. We of the expanding waistlines and fondness […]