Eco-Friendly Printers Save the World From Drought

OK – slight exaggeration there, but we are making an effort.  Like most industries we’re working hard on our eco credentials, both because it’s what customers want and because it’s the right thing to do, and an innovation making a big impact in our own little world is Waterless Offset Lithographic Printing.

Now, that’s quite a mouthful, so let me translate.  Printing presses normally use quite a lot of water.  It gets mixed with chemicals to produce a solution that has been, until recently, crucial to the whole process.  The trouble is that once the solution is used, down the drain it goes as industrial waste.

The new process doesn’t need the water, so no using of gallons of water from the mains, and no polluted water going out in to the world.  Quite neat really, double eco brownie points.

So if you and your business are really making an effort to keep the planet healthy, then your printing work should come our way, as an eco-friendly printer, and we can save the world together (a little bit…..)


Waterless Offset Litho Beastie
Eco Printers are Eco Warriors

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