Commercial Printing to Xmas Shopping

In commercial printing we use a technique called offset lithography.  I won’t blind you with science (i.e. bore you to death) by describing the whole process (you can look at the picture and get the gist), but it’s offset because instead of the picture going straight from the template on to the paper to print the page, the image goes from the template, on to a rubber roller, and then on to the paper.  Hence the name “offset”, because there is an extra step involved.

Now, about this time every month I get a bank statement.  What I do is look at what money the statement tells me I have.  I add on the measly sheckles I will get paid, take off all the bills and hey presto – what’s left is my spending pot for the month.  My latest statement shows something went very wrong last month, and I may have to sell one of the remaining children in to slavery to raise the funds the bank would like me to deposit in order to bring the account back in to “balance”.

I was wondering what went so wrong (I did allow for the Xmas dinner and kids presents) when it hit me.  There is an offset process going in my own household, and it’s call the wife.  The printing machine has a rubber roller as an offset.  It would seem my wife also has a somewhat rubbery attitude when it comes to telling me the truth about how much she spent when she “borrowed” my bank card to go Xmas shopping!  If I can only apply the same principle when it comes to that stag weekend in Amsterdam in March……….

Commercial Printers Can Handle Anything (Nearly)

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