We’re Always Going to Print Greetings Cards

We are all, without exception, a bunch of softies.  I know I may receive abuse from certain members of the team for that unmanly remark, but remembering the comment I would ask that my feelings are duly considering before referring to me as Shirley and making me wear the dress (again).

But it’s true, and I know this because we all like getting birthday and Xmas cards.  Even Hannibal was rumored to be upset when the Romans forgot to send one, which is why he made his historic drive over the Alps with the elephants, losing thousands of men on the way, before falling upon the Roman legions and inflicting one of the most devastating military defeats in classical history.  All because the Emperor couldn’t be bothered to go down to Clinton’s.

Now the clever clogs out there might say why didn’t he just send an e-Card, but we all know they’re basically a cop out.  They’re fine if you’re half way round the world and the post is unreliable, but you just can’t beat the message you send when you’ve bothered to go and get a card, write it and then post it or deliver it in person.  It says so much more to the person receiving it.  Now guys might prefer to see a gag about blondes or bodily functions (can’t beat a fart joke) to puppies and flowers on the front, but everyone still likes to get a card.

This is why we know we’re always going to be asked to print greetings cards, they’re as popular as ever. Now where’s my girdle………

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We Should Print Greetings Cards For "Guys Day" Too

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