The Signs They Are A Changin’

Signs are a big thing here at Face Media Group, and we pride ourselves on our professional approach to producing just what our customers ask for, whether it’s for A Boards, Pull up Banners, Billboard Posters – you name it, we happily do it.

What can be a wind-up, though, is to do all the work to produce the Flags or a pull up banner in just the way we were asked to, and then the customer decides it’s not quite right, and changes are required.

Quite often, despite all evidence to the contrary, it’s clearly our fault and therefore the sign needs changing. This situation can leave a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, but what if, in fact, it really wasn’t anyone’s fault? What if it was all a case of cosmic misunderstanding, due entirely to universal forces outside the control of anyone here on little ‘ol planet earth?

Astronomers (clever folk) have pointed out a glaring flaw in the less-than-scientific art of astrology (debatable).The ancient Babylonians, who produced the charts we use now around 2,500 years ago, based zodiac signs on the constellation the sun was ‘in’ on the day a person was born. During the ensuing millennia, the moon’s gravitational pull has made the Earth ‘wobble’ around its axis, which has resulted in a change in the way the stars appear to line up across the sky compared to when the zodiac signs were first noted by the Babylonians.This has in turn created a bump in the stars’ alignment of about a month.  The time of night when the appropriate constellations (i.e. signs of the Zodiac) pop up over the horizon has also changed (all relevant to the mathematically rigorous calculations undertaken to determine whether a person is deemed to be a goat or a fish – all jolly good fun). The result is that two systems of astrology are now in use. There are those who follow a system that have allowed for the changes, namely the Western system that has evolved with increasing astronomical knowledge, and the traditional Hindu system, that holds to the original dates.

Now there’s a shocker!

I was born in August, making me a Leo (Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging), but if I go to India I’m a Virgo (Skeptical, Fussy, Inflexible, Cold, Interfering).

With our modern multi-cultural society – where immigration, emigration and sex changes lead to general confusion when considering the racial questions of who, where and what -, figuring out which cosmic influences should be at play in any given situation can be daunting.Such astrological confusion cannot have failed to upset the cosmic powers and lead to chaos in our otherwise orderly and star sign regulated lives (it’s all true by the way – the astrologer in the Daily Star says so).And that explains why the customer is always right – when there are clearly occasions when he can’t possibly be.It’s just a cosmic misunderstanding.

Now we have clearly identified the unfortunate cause of so many of the things that go wrong in our lives I wonder if there’s any chance at getting another crack at my annual appraisal.

The “delivery girl and vat of pink ink” incident may be seen in a whole new light!

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