Bus Stop and Giant Billboard Posters

Fancy seeing your name on a billboard just like the glamorous Broadway stars of movies?  Well we can make that dream a reality!  An eye-catching design with the face of your company or event can reach a thousand eyes at once; your audience will be riding the bus, relaxing on the train or commuting to work.

Billboard Posters make an impact with their size and their message, printed using UV resistant inks on a plastic back paper, these guys are the giants of the advertising world. Billboard posters will make your advert the most noticed on the street.  When the average sized poster won't fit your marketing campaign, the super large poster looks great adorned on any street furniture.

Plastic Backed Paper

  • Stock : 165gsm PaperFlex (plastic backed paper - white)
  • Colours : Full colour to front
  • Sizes : As specified
  • Uses : Bus stops, shelters, light boxes
  • Turnaround : 5 to 7 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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At a Bus Stop Near You...

These enormously sized posters are perfect for shouting out your message to the entire World. Make sure your marketing message is bold and colourful to capture the attention of the public.

Bus Stop and Bus Shelter Posters

An Adshel bus stop poster needs to be incredibly light, yet strong and durable. We print our giant 6 sheet bus stop posters on a plastic backed paper, which weighs 165gsm (very light). The poster clips into the tip of the bus shelter frame, and hangs. A material which is too heavy, will fall and crease. 

Blue Backed Fly Posters

Large blue backed posters are used through out the UK, by theatres and production companies, pasted to poster walls. The blue reverse of the paper, helps to hide what was on the wall before, so there's no show-though.

Giant Billboard Posters

The classic billboard poster, is printed in strips and pasted to an advertising billboard. Typical sizes include 4m wide by 3m deep and 6m wide by 3m deep. These come in 80cm or 1m wide strips (or half strips), which can either be pasted edge to edge of with a slight overlap.

Common Question. How big is a bus shelter poster?

Typically a bus shelter poster is 1200mm wide by 1800mm high. Also known as a '6 sheet'.

Billboard Poster Size Guide

Sheet Size Inches MM (Approx)
4 Sheet 40in x 60in 1016mm x 1524mm
6 Sheet 47in x 70in  1200mm x 1800mm
12 Sheet 120in x 60in 3000mm x 1500mm
16 Sheet 80in x 120in 2000mm x 3000mm
32 Sheet 160in x 120in 4000mm x 3000mm
48 Sheet 240in x 120in 6000mm x 3000mm
64 Sheet 320in x 120in 8000mm x 3000mm
96 Sheet 480in x 120in 12000mm x 3000mm

Design service

The super large posters require a fitting design which will look appropriate. Our team of designers have experience in making all kinds of promotional material and are experts at creating designs suitable for posters.

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