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Being a national brokerage, we use a multitude of couriers, our mail delivery partner is Fedex, but depending on what you order and the quantity and weight, it could be any of the big UK delivery companies.


We picked FEDEX because of their excellent delivery record (99% hit rate) along with their commitment to technology and client communication. You will now receive an email when your consignment is picked up with the consignment number and the phone number for your local depot.

You can track your delivery by visiting , either track it using your consignment number, alternatively (click 'track by reference') and tap in you JOB NUMBER preceded by 'MI' (MI12345 - for instance) - it can't get much easier than that can it.

FEDEX customer services are available from 7am till 9pm on the local rate number 08456 07 08 09, be patient, they will be very helpful.

For regular customers, switching couriers is never an easy task, but rest assured, once they have delivered to you the first time, they will know exactly where they are going.

Not all our goods go out with FEDEX, but rest assured, we only use reputable couriers.

Saving you more money...

Moving to FEDEX has enabled us to reduce our delivery costs, which we have passed on to you. The average cost of a mainland UK delivery of 5000 A6 flyers was previously £17.85 (ex VAT).  We have reduced that to £8.68 (ex VAT) saving you £9.17 (that's nearly £100 over a year for a typical customer).

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Brighton Area

If you're local to us... come get it.

If you're local to us, then you can always save a few pennies on carriage and come to our offices to collect your goods. Select 'Pick Up From FMG' when ordering your items. Once the goods are available from us, we will get in touch to advise you when to come and get them.

When we call to tell you it's in, we'll also offer you a free local delivery service too. Using our Office Stationery partners L & S Office - they will offer to deliver to you in Sussex, as long as you're happy to wait until they are passing your door. L and S deliver to the whole of Sussex, so are sure to be passing somewhere near every couple of days.

Don't leave things till the last minute

Every type of product that we offer has a guide 'turn around' time. It's a guide, not a promise. Don't leave your orders till the last minute, because if you do, something could go wrong, and your goods could by delayed.

Imagine waiting in all day for a parcel (that you need for that evening), it's now one o'clock and you need to pop down the shops for some milk. Sod's law, the courier will come along to deliver at that exact time. They get no answer and off they go, taking your parcel back to the local depot. Now you're stuffed. You'll either have to go to the local depot and pick it up, or arrange a redelivery. Moral of the scenario. Order your print with plenty of time to spare as anything can happen.

If you miss a delivery

We've worked with many couriers over the years, and it's quite amazing, the amount of times we've heard from a courier 'Yes, there was nobody in, so we carded it'. Meaning, the driver has knocked, there's been no answer, so he puts a card through your door, advising you he's been and how to arrange redelivery. - Well,  many couriers will tell you this, but the driver in question, will often not bother actually writing out the card.

Here's where FEDEX win over all other couriers we've used. They DO card. In fact, their drivers get penalised if they don't. If they return to depot with your delivery, they have to prove they carded you. This is simple, the card in question has some codes and a website address on it, instructing you to visit the website (or calling a number) and clicking through a few options, you can quickly and easily opt for a 'redelivery' opt to pick up, or opt to change the delivery address to a more convenient address (in the same area)

The FEDEX card also has a section which you can leave outside, for the driver, where you can write a place where you consider it safe for him to leave - without you having to sign for it. e.g. In the coal shed, behind the wheelie bin (not on bin day). Once you have opted for a redelivery, if you aren't going to be in, or are popping out for that pint of milk, this is the perfect solution. They even have a function to remember your hiding place, so whenever they redeliver in the future, they know what to do.