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A compliment slip contains the same or very similar information to a letterhead such as a business logo, brand, telephone number and company address, website and email. You would typically find a salutation such as "with compliments" or "with thanks" and space for a personal, hand written message from the sender.

Compare Prices of Standard Compliment Slips

  • Paper Type : Various quality paper stocks
  • Colours : Full colour single - see Standard Compliment Slips button below
  • Turnaround : 5/7 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Standard Paper Stock / Quantity25050010002000500010000
90gsm Uncoated Bond£55£60£64£81£96£112
100gsm Uncoated Bond£78£80£84£107£141£175
100gsm Premium Smooth£78£86£96£133£191£279
120gsm Uncoated Bond£55£61£66£86£108£142
120gsm Premium Smooth£81£89£103£141£205£300
160gsm Uncoated Bond£56£64£70£97£126£171

Product Range

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When should I use a compliment slip?

Often used when sending out brochures, free samples or similar and have the advantage over a formal letter as they give the sender the opportunity to add a more personal touch by leaving a hand written message. They are also significantly cheaper then the latter.

What types are available?

Standard Range - The Low Cost Option

  • 100gsm or 120gsm laser safe white bond
  • Printed in full colour single or double sided
  • Starting at £15 for 50 single sided (£91 for 250 double sided)
  • Turnaround is 3 to 5 working days 
  • Perfect for including into packaging and envelopes when sending items out to clients

Deluxe Range - The Quality Option

  • 120gsm Conqueror CX22 or Equest (with or without watermark)
  • Printed in full colour single or double sided
  • Starting at £66 for 250 single sided 120gsm Equest (with watermark)
  • Turnaround is 5 to 7 working days 
  • Perfect if you want a clean, polished finish which purveys quality

Recycled Range - The Eco Friendly Option

  • 120gsm 100% recycled paper
  • Printed in full colour single or double sided
  • Starting at £15 for 50 single sided
  • Turnaround is 3 to 5 working days 
  • Printed with vegetable inks
  • Fully FSC accredited
  • Perfect for the eco aware buyer

Order your FREE samples

Why not try before you buy and order some compliment slips samples ensuring you add a comment letting us know you would like some sample compliment slips.

What information should I include?

 Typically, you would include:

  • A design similar to your letterhead showing your business branding
  • Your company address, telephone, website and email address
  • Registered company number, and registered address 
  • A salutation such as "with thanks" or "with compliments"
  • A hand written message with a signature

How can I make a compliment slip design from a letterhead design?

The simplest way to design a compliment slip, is to take the artwork for the letterhead, and simply remove the blank bit. It doesn't get much easier than that. Doing this, keeps the brand and logo, and the footer intact. Laying out the letterhead, next to the compliment slips, they should be an exact match, except for the missing blank part.

How are they printed?

Like letterheads, they tend to be lithographically printed rather than digitally as letterheads are usually required to go back through your office printer. This however is not the case for compliment slips as they are usually written on by hand. This means low quantities can be printed digitally (50 and 100 units)

Are there any templates available?

Feel free to download a  complimentary  blank design template.  They are available in a variety of file formats and provide everything you need to ensure your finished artwork is ready for sending to print. We also have an in-house design team and would love to have the opportunity to quote for your design work.

What is the standard size of a compliment slip?

The dimensions of a standard compliment slip are as follows:

Size:  DL
Canvas size: 214mm x 103mm
Trim size: 210mm x 99mm

We recommend downloading one of our FREE design templates, as the canvas and trim area are clearly marked out to aid you.

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