Promotional Printing Packs

The packages below give you great savings on some of our most popular promotional print items whilst maintaining the same high print quality you’re used to.

Mini promo pack

  • Bundle Name : Mini Promo Pack
  • Flyers : 500 or 1000 flyers, printed full colour to both sides on 300gsm silk art board
  • Posters : Various quantities, printed full colour single sided on 170gsm silk
  • Turnaround : 72 hours
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Bundle / Quantity1
Mini Promo Pack 1 - 500 A6 Flyers and 50 A3 Posters (SAVE 8 POUNDS)£74
Mini Promo Pack 2 - 500 A6 Flyers and 25 A3 and 25 A4 Posters (SAVE 18 POUNDS)£79
Mini Promo Pack PLUS 1 - 1000 A6 Flyers and 50 A3 Posters (SAVE 7 POUNDS)£89
Mini Promo Pack PLUS 2 - 1000 A6 Flyers and 25 A3 and 25 A4 Posters (SAVE 17 POUNDS)£100
Mini Promo Pack PLUS 3 - 500 A5 Flyers and 50 A3 Posters (SAVE 9 POUNDS)£95
Mini Promo Pack PLUS 4 - 500 A5 Flyers and 25 A3 and 25 A4 Posters (SAVE 19 POUNDS)£100
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The Mini Promo Package

For smaller events, productions or promotions we offer the ‘Mini Promo’ deal. This package contains everything you’ll need to market your latest venture. Flyers are great for distribution and posters act as a semi permanent advert in the local area. We offer various sizes of flyers and posters to ensure you have enough space to say everything that needed.

The Maxi Promo Package

For those of you needing to reach a larger audience look no further. We have the ‘Maxi Promo’ which offers great discounts to help you make your event the success you’ve dreamed of.

Save Money on your Posters

If you order flyers with us of any size or quantity and you think posters might be another tool in your box of advertising tricks then we offer some great discounts. Take a look at the bolt on section in the pricing grids above.

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