Full Colour Printed Strut Cards and Strut Boards

Strut cards, also known as Strut Boards, are rigid cards, made from either cardboard display board, or foamex, which can stand up to display their message, using a cardboard strut affixed to the reverse.

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There's no real restrictions to what can be used for strut cards. Typically you can use all the standard paper sizes, A7, A6, A5, A4 etc. But we can also cut to shape, so the strut card can be a lot cleverer than standard straight edges.

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Budget Strut Boards

Printed on 425micron Board, with cardboard struts attached. 100% Recyclable

Layered Strut Boards

Printed on Triplex board. Three layers of paper, making approx 900gsm thick card. 100% recycleable

Display Board Strut Boards

Printed on 2000 Micron Display Board, which is a form of cardboard. 100% recyclable (available at any size, and cut to shape)

Foamex Strut Boards

Printed on 3mm or 5mm Foamex (available at any size, and cut to shape)

Polyprop Strut Boards

Printed on 3.5mm or 8mm Polypropylene (available at any size, and cut to shape).