Presentation Folder Design and Print

You have a meeting with a potential customer. Stapled leaflets just won't do. You need to impress. What you need is some presentation folders! We have several types of quality presentation folders on offer. We also have many different layouts.

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Make a good first impression

Making the right first impression is particularly important, whether you are attending a presentation yourself or putting together a marketing pack to send out to all your best customers, you want to make sure you stand out to your market and audience.

Printed in full colour

The smartest way to keep your paperwork together is with presentation folder printing. Printed full colour either on the outside or both sides, they are the perfect way to get your brand out, whilst looking smart and professional at the same time.

What shapes are available?

With a large range of presentation folder shapes to choose from, with or without a pocket, you can ensure you pick one that suits your printed presentation folder needs. You have the option to include a 5mm gusset capacity, which gives you the opportunity to add more sheets, or a slot in the pocket to add your business card with your contact details on. They are printed on 350gsm thick silk board, and you can add lamination which gives an extra quality effect - available in matt gloss or velvet. Alternatively, we can print them on recycled paper if you would like the eco finish. With a wide range of quantities from 50 to 50,000 we can suit any budget.

What sizes are available?

A4 Presentation Folders

The different types of cards, finishes, colours, styles and designs that the A4 presentation folder comes in, mean you can decide how your folder will look down to the finest detail.

A5 Presentation Folders

Our A5 presentation folders can be easily personalised to fit the idea you have for your folder.

Die-cut Side Pocket A4 Folders

The die-cut side pocket A4 folder, like our other folders, comes in different types of paper and finishes to ensure you can have a professional looking folder at your next conference or meeting.

Die-cut A5 Folders

Like the A4 die-cut side pocket A4 folder, the A5 version is available in different types of paper and finishes but in a more compact way.

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