Personalised Wristbands

Personalised wristbands are a branded band of material (Tyvek, PVC vinyl or fabric) which is worn around the wrist, and quite hard to remove, and reattach. They are very common at ticketed events and promotions.

Tyvek Wristbands with black print

  • Stock : Tyvek paper
  • Wristband colour : Available in 27 different colours or white
  • Colour - Print : Printed black only or full colour
  • Print Area : 100mm x 15mm (black only) or whole area for full colour
  • Security Numbering : Pre-numbered at one end (not customisable)
  • Secured by : Secured by strong self adhesive tab at one end
  • Turnaround : 72 hours
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Wristband Type / Quantity10025050010002500500010000
Tyvek - Printed black only£102£126£143£156£245£356£492
Tyvek - Printed full colour£133£174£211£292£566£915£1461
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Different Types of Wristband

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek is a very strong, paperlike material, made from flash spun polyethylene fibres, bonded together with heat [Source Wikipedia}. Tyvek wristbands are printed either one colour, black, or full colour and one end section is pre cut, and prepared with a strong self-adhesive. Once attached to a person's arm, it will not come off, without a very hard tug, or by being cut off with scissors. Once detached, the tyvek wristband can't be reworn, without it being obvious that it is a spoiled wristband. [Choice of Tyvek Wristband colours and artwork template]

The benefits of using Tyvek for security wristbands includes

  • Quick turnaround
  • Printed black or full colour
  • 100mm x 15mm printable area
  • Individually numbered (and barcoded at extra cost)
  • Lightweight
  • Great for kids events
  • One size fits all
  • Water resistant
  • Available in a huge range of colours (28 in fact, solid and striped)
  • Non-transferable

Branded PVC Vinyl Wristbands

When a more durable wristband is required (for a weekend festival for instance), then vinyl wristbands are often utilised. Vinyl wristbands tend to be branded with one colour screen printed onto the PVC, black, white, gold are typical examples of print onto these bands. Available in three styles as 'click to basket' products here. The traditional Vinyl wristband (TradBand), with a deeper 50mm x 19mm print area, available in 18 colours [Colours and template here], the 2000 series, in 24 colours including clear vinyl, which is a straight band with a 100mm x 15mm print area [Colours and template here]. And the curvey 'Kool' band, with it's distinctive wavey edges, available in 16 colours, with a 90mm x 15mm print area [Colours and template here]. Vinyl wristbands are harder to remove than Tyvek, you'll just have to cut it off.

The benefits of using Vinyl for security wristbands

  • Quick turnaround
  • Screen printed with one colour
  • Lightweight
  • More durable than Tyvek
  • One size fits all - adjustable strap
  • Water resistant
  • Available in a huge range of colours
  • 3 different styles [Traditional] [2000 Series] [Koolband]
  • Secure 'popper' locking system
  • Don't fold over the access vinyl, it will weaken the popper seal. Cut off the excess vinyl.
  • Non-transferable
  • Can last weeks

Customised Fabric Wristbands

The creme de la creme of non-transferable security wristbands are the fabric wristbands, which have fast become a must-have on the festival and nightclub scene. Fabric wristbands are woven satin and feature a mix of UV, metallic and security printed threads with several different types of locking mechanism, these things don't come off unless cut off. Fabric wristbands are the most comfortable to wear and you can guarantee that you're wristband will stay on the owner for weeks after your event.

The benefits of using Fabric event wristbands for events

  • Patented locking systems
  • 4 styles of locking system [Barrel lock] [smart lock] [metal ring] [loop lock]
  • Lightweight
  • More durable than Tyvek and vinyl
  • One size fits all - adjustable strap
  • Water resistant
  • Woven not printed using up to 8 pantone colour threads
  • Suitable for all events
  • Super Non-transferable
  • Can last years

Common Uses For Security Wristbands

  • VIP areas
  • Restricted Access
  • School trips
  • Night clubs and Bars
  • Back stage area access
  • Concerts and public events
  • Free bar notifiers
  • Access all areas

"We use printed tyvek wristbands for our contestants and events team at the annual Worthing International Birdman Rally. Depending on the persons role for the Birdman weekend, they are assigned a certain colour band. Our flyers receive a second band, once they have attended their safety briefing, and no flyer's  without that second wristband on" - Jim Cunliffe - Worthing Birdman Events Team

How To Tell If An Event Wristband Has Already Been Used

If a patron is attempting to use a spoilt wristband, it is usually pretty obvious. They will try to keep full visibility from you, by keeping their arm down or tight to their body. The simple security test for a wristband is to ask for the patron to put their arm forward, then hook a finger underneath the band, and yank it towards you. If the wristband is spoilt, it will come away in your hand.

How Do I Attach A Security Wristband To A Wrist?

Ask the patron to pull up their sleeve and take the arm towards you. keeping two fingers to the skin, wrap the band around the wrist, and secure. The two fingers will give enough space for movement, but tight enough for the patron to not be able to remove and transfer the band to a friend.

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