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One of the most popular ways of increasing the awareness , spread a message or stay cool. The classic pin-back button badge. It is a cheaper alternative to the die cast lapel pin badge but equally as good at getting your name out there. Print your logo or own design for an easy way to promote your brand and message. Perfect for band merchandise.

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Full Colour Button Badges

  • Badge Sizes : Available in 25mm (classic 1 inch button badge), 32mm, 45mm, 57mm, 77mm, 100mm and 150mm diameter circle button badges
  • Colours : Printed full colour
  • Clasp : Fitted with a safety pin style clasp
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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What Is A Pin-back Button Badge?

Button badges are a highly collectible round badge with a plastic coating (Mylar) over a design or image (Political Pin-Backs - collectors items). They often have a metal pin back or a safety pin style back fastener. The most popular size is 25mm (The classic 1 inch button) but the badges can range anywhere from this size right up to 150mm (6 inch) badges, depending on the machine used to make it.

The Button Also Known As The Campaign Badge or Politician Pin-Back

This style of badge has been used in political campaigning since the late 18th century [1]. William McKinley was the first to take advantage of mass production metal buttons in his presidential campaign of 1894. He took office in 97 and was assasinated four years later [2]. But the button badge lives on. [Wikipedia - 1, 2]

Button badges are great for..

Band Promotion - Band Merchandise
Badges for bands are undoubtedly the biggest market for button badge printing.  At the end of a gig, why not throw some out into the crowd.

Business Promotions
As a call to action tool, buttons have become incredibly popular. We've all seen the 'Ask Me About..." badges on a member of shop staff, at Tesco. There's a reason for that. It works!

Charity Events
An extremely cost effective way to promote a good cause. Once removed from clothing and tossed into a draw, your badge will remain a constant reminder when re found, time and time again.

Exhibition Give-aways
Hand them out at events or when you post  brochures or goods to your customers. Also great to have around the office as a give away. Kelloggs started giving away badges back in 1945, in their cereal boxes.

Parties and Fun Events
Kids love badges. Great for children's parties and fun events. The perfect party bag filler.

Schools and Nursuries
Use them for awards of recognition, or simply showing off your house colour.

Stag and Hen Parties
How about a personalised badge for each member of the party with their nickname on!

What Sizes Do Button Badges Come In?

The following sizes are available:

  • 25mm dia circle (The Classic Button)
  • 32mm dia circle
  • 38mm dia circle
  • 38mm square
  • 45mm dia circle
  • 58mm dia circle
  • 70mm x 45mm oblong
  • 77mm dia circle
  • 100mm (4") dia circle
  • 150mm (6") dia circle

Available in full colour print. All badges are fitted with a safety pin type clasp fitting.

Badge Making Machine

Given the right kit, badge making is quite an easy task. If you want to make your own badges, we can supply the machine and the components to make that possible. 

BadgeMaker 5 - Professional

Available is the three most popular sizes (25mm, 38mm and 55mm). Suitable for making larger quantities of badges on a regular basis. Additional revenue potential as a hire unit, due to its fixed badge making die.

BadgeMaker 7 - Professional

An extremely versatile machine. Available in 25mm, 38mm and 55mm or 77mm format. Bundle contains everything you would need to get started, so you can get down to making badges immediately.

How To Make A Badge video courtesy of Speedy Buttons USA.



The 'entry-level' badge making kit. Designed for the occasional badge maker in mind. A hobby badger, if you will.  Available in the three most popular sizes (25mm, 38mm and 55mm). This is the kit you'll need for a hobby or just for fun. If you want to make badges seriously, then invest in one of the larger machines above..

Preparing Artwork For Badges

Simply supply artwork to the required diameter, plus a bit of space to wrap around and seal the badge. If you have any questions about the button badge artwork, let us know, we can help.

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