Recycled Leaflets

Leaflets are great for advertising and promoting your business, but you can gain even more benefit from them by opting to use recycled paper. As well as being a good economic choice, there are the implications of maintaining your Eco Credentials in a climate where many customers are making conscious decisions to favour companies that make ethical choices in the way they do business.

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Recycled Leaflets Keep The Business Going Round

Leaflets are always a popular and affordable way of advertising, marketing and informing your customers and audience about your business. They're ideal for promotions, letting people know about upcoming offers and events or simply advertising your opening times, and although our standard leaflets already use 50% recycled paper, by opting to use 100% recycled paper you take the extra step that helps us all make a difference to the world around us.

Our 100% recycled pulp leaflets are printed on paper made totally from post-consumer reclaimed material which conforms to environmental industry standards. They are printed in full colour using vegetable based inks and using the most modern Eco-Friendly printing processes.

Our recycled leaflet range is fully supported by

Flyer Design Templates

If you want to design your own Leaflets, feel free to download our Leaflet design templates to help you format your ideas in just the right way for printing.

Professional Help With Your Design

Our marketing and design team are specialists in the production of motivating and sales orientated leaflets. If you would like their help when designing yours and to make sure they really getting your message across, simply fill in the quote request form or call the office to find out just how we can help.

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