Custom Beer Mat Printing

The Birth of Printed Beer Mats

This clever little marketing tool has been around for since the early 19th Century, its original purpose was to protect the consumers’ precious beer; they would be placed over the beer tanker to stop flies and insects contaminating the beverage.  It wasn’t until the late 1900’s these items were developed by a German company and produced using card board. This enabled bar staff to use the mats to keep a tab on what the customer had drunk and charge them at their departure.

Not surprisingly this got marketing executives thinking creative thoughts, and beer mat printing was born. The brewing companies took full advantage by printing their logos and strap lines on one side of the mat, these unassuming practical items are now a timeless promotional tool and are used to promote companies from breweries, restaurants, letting agents and many more.

Using Beer Mats as a Promotional Tool

Beer mat printing is a great promotional tool to keep your brand and message in the forefront of your customer's minds. Give them away freely and watch your brand, slogan and logos spread around the offices and workshops of your customers and clients, ensuring your business receives a subtle, but constant, exposure. 

Beer Mat Printing

  • Stock : 1.5mm textured wood pulp board
  • Size : Either 94mm or 103mm dia circle, 94mm or 93mm round cornered square, or custom shape within 94mm x 94mm
  • Colours : One colour, two colour or full colour to both sides
  • Turnaround : 7/10 working days
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
Beer Mat Type / Quantity250500100025005000100002000050000More
94mm Square - full colour£109£109£164£301£459£570£707£1253Quote
93mm Square - full colour£96£105£114£183£275£413£689£1426Quote
Custom Shape - full colourQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuoteQuote
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Shape and Design Guide

What shapes are available?

We can offer beer mats in the following shapes:

  • Square (with rounded corners and a 93mm or 94mm diameter)
  • Custom  (As long as the dimensions are within a 94mm square)

Is there any additional cost for a custom shape?

There is a 'one-off' Forme cost of £75.00 for custom shapes. Please note, for very complex shapes, a more expensive Forme may need to be produced. We will let you know if this is the case.

As with the standard shapes, your custom mats will be litho printed with the design of your choice onto a laminated material which provides onto the surface with an underlying absorbing layer to provide cushioning and cope with spillages. The mat can have the same image printed on both sides, have different images or including a plain white reverse.

Can the design be different on each side of the beer mat?

Yes, meaning you really can make a beer mat that's just right for your own business and marketing needs.

The choice of using the same or different images for each side does not alter the cost provided the same ink colours are used for the single or double ink prices. If different colours are required for each side, this will add 50% to the stated prices. 

How are Beer Mats Printed?

They are produced with a laminated printing surface enclosing an absorption layer of 1.5mm thick open texture wood pulp board, making them hard wearing and more than able to cope with spillages and hot mugs.

The price is the same whether single or double sided printing is selected. If printing as spot colours, the colours for the printing are to be one or two colour, and images are to be printed on to both sides, the prices assume that same spot colours will apply to both sides. If the images are to have different colours, then please request a quote (Spot colour 1 and 2 colour only). We can cater for large and short print runs so quantity is not a problem.

Artwork must be provided in PDF format. If you would like us to create a personalised coaster or beer mat design then don't hesitate to contact a member of the Face Media Group team. 

What is a Beer Mat?

A coaster, drink coaster, beverage coaster, or beermat, is an article used to rest beverages upon. The main purpose is to protect the surface of a table or any other surface where the user might place their beverage. Read more about beer mats on Wikipedia.

Beer Mat Flipping World Record

Mat Hand (UK) flipped and caught a pile of 112 beermats on 9 May 2001 at Waterstone's Bookshop Gallery, Nottingham, UK. It took him over 4 hours and 129 attempts before Matt broke the previous record of 111.  Source Guinness World Records.

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