Direct Mail to the letterbox

Direct mail has never been easier. imagine a service, where, using your artwork and a customer address list, you can target your database, with a minimum order of 25 units - and the promotion will land at their letter box within 2/4 days. With costs just a few pennies shy of the cost of a 2nd class stamp.

This all inclusive service is just a couple of clicks away. Not sure on the power of direct mail - ask us and we'll send you a sample. 

Direct to Letterbox

  • Postcard Stock : 300gsm postcard board - full colour to both sides
  • Letter Stock : 100gsm bond - full colour to single side - folded into envelope
  • Postage : These prices include 2nd class postage - which alone is 54p per item (45p before VAT) - as at 31 Dec 2015
  • VAT : Direct mail is subject to VAT
  • Turnaround : Using 2nd class mail - 2 /4 days
  • Direct to letterbox : No delivery needed. These items go directly from our factory to your mailing list, via Royal Mail
  • Prices exclude delivery and VAT (where appropriate)
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How It Works

This is very simple. Working with you to produce suitable artwork, we will prepare a 'call to action' front and some carefully worded text for the reverse. You supply your customer database (Name, Address1, Address2 etc) - we will print and merge the data, and pop it in the post for you, so it arrives just a couple of days later, on your clients doorstep.

A perfect tool, as a reminder to your loyal customer, that you want their business. 

Test it for free

Get in touch and we'll send you a sample through the post. You can't beat the power for carefully targeted direct mail.

Request a sample of a 'Direct to Letterbox' postcard through the post.

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Example Case Studies


A hotel holds a database of 2300 addresses of guests who have previously stayed a the hotel. Direct Mail to Letterbox can be used to target these previous customers, offering them a discount if they come to stay during a quite period in the coming year.

B2B Business Service

You may hold many thousands of addresses in your customer database. Why not filter off your top 250 and target a Direct Mail campaign for these customers specifically. Or choose customers who haven't ordered in the last 12 months, with a call to action which will make them come back to you.

Garage Owner

You may have something inhouse which can print off a standard service reminder letter. All good and well, but don't you wish you could make the mailing, more on brand. Our Direct Mail to Letterbox can work with your data, to make this possible. All we would need, is a trigger date within your customer export.

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Print Advertising

While many sources claim that print is dying, the numbers show it's more alive than ever. Print methods are changing and improving, and are actually more 'green' at times than digital methods.

Direct Mail

People like paper. Recieving mail is exciting and something we're more likely to give attention to. A survey conducted by Royal Mail determined that our mood will improve by up to 29% if exposed to a positive tactile feeling.

The Response

Recent studies have shown that print advertising is still effective. We're still reading mail and acting on what we read/see by visiting websites, making purchases, picking up the phone or sharing with friends.

PAF - Postcode Address File - What's that all about?

PAF is the most accurate UK address data there is. All your addresses will be verified by the PAF.

Business names change, large houses become apartments and flats, new properties are built every day.

There are more than 3000 address changes each week, and you need to know you're only paying for what gets delivered, so you will only pay for the address data verified by PAF. Or give you the opportunity to fix them (if you want to go ahead and delivery to non-verified addresses, you can do, but the unit cost will be increased for those addresses).

Utilising the PAF verification is how we are able to offer these incredible prices. Read more about PAF from Royal Mail.

Mail Mark from Royal Mail

We are currently testing the implimentation of 'Mail Mark' within the address block printed on the mail. The 'Mail Mark' functionality will enable us to give you a delivery report, so you can scan a barcode, and see the progress of your delivery. When it arrives at the sorting office, when it's out for delivery. Enabling you to get organised, gear up your staff for when your project lands in the letterbox.

The potential for this information is massive. By knowing exactly when the mail arrives, you could also contact the recipient, just at the right time to triangulate your promotion.

Direct mail works.

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