Mohemian Rhapsody

Mohemian Rhapsody at FMG!

This November, Facemediagroup have compiled a crack-team of their manliest men – ready to tackle the careful growth and grooming of a mighty moustache in order to raise money for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health.

Let us introduce you to your FMG Champions:

Jim Movember


First up we have Jim. Not many people know, but Jim still holds the record for longest consecutive winning streak in Lucha Libre Pro Wrestling in Mexico City. They called him El Tigre and he was feared by literally 10s of people.

Callum Movember


Cal’s past lies in the Wild West where he has spent the last 20 years among the red sands cattle ranching. The word ‘cowboy’ gets bandied around a lot these days but this guy is more lone ranger than the Marlboro Man. Howdy.

Danny Movember


It’s pure petrol running through Danny’s veins. Legendary motorcycle stuntman, Danny started out as the leader of a notorious bike gang, Hell’s Angles who loved solving maths problems & causing trouble. Absolute speed demon.

Chris Movember


Forget Captain Hook, forget Red Beard, Chris was the original Pirate. Sailing the seven seas terrorising people from port to port, this guy is a seriously salty character. What he lacks in head hair, he makes up for in mighty face fuzz, and he’s got a wooden leg.

Who’s your favourite?

Tweet us with #FMGMohemian and let us know who you’re backing

Please help these hardened bad guys find redemption as they raise awareness this month and change the face of men’s health for the better.

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