Kerri wins Apprentice of the Year 2012

Added on 11/07/2012

Kerri wins Apprentice of the Year 2012!

Kerri Stakim has won the Apprentice of the Year award for Chichester after being nominated by our operations director Lisa Seymour. Kerri, one of the youngest candidates to be nominated, won out of around 50 contenders and is Face Media Group's first ever employee to have an apprenticeship scheme with us.

Kerri was put forward after a glowing description from Lisa, in which Kerri is described as an "asset to us a company" and a "joy to employ" as well as having a "thirst for knowledge".

From Kerri's apprenticeship, she has been able to overcome her anxieties of face to face contact with customers and having to lead a meeting on her own.

Because of the success of Kerri's apprenticeship, Face Media Group has gone on to employ six apprentices across each department. The growth of the apprentices at Face Media Group comes after initial hesitation from Lisa.

After having doubts over whether an apprentice's set of skills would be conducive to the workplace as well as having to learn a lot of specialist knowledge, Lisa and Face Media Group are ecstatic at the progress of all of our apprentices and are wholeheartedly invested in encouraging the growth of the apprenticeship.

Face Media Group were the smallest company represented at the awards and were thrilled with the prize that Kerri received.

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