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Added on 14/11/2013

Why support Rockinghorse?

I recently found myself in the Royal Alexander Children’s Hospital with my daughter. Nothing too serious but we were ‘guests' for one very long week. As any parent knows when your child is ill you feel helpless. Hospital’s have a habit of feeling institutional, cold and scary, built to deal with the Illness not people. Up until fairly recently children’s hospitals were the same, as little as 60 years ago you were expected to drop off your sick child and come back for 1 hour a day (if the hospital permitted visitors) until your child was discharged.

Thankyou to everyone at Rockinghorse

I’m happy to report we have now moved on and after spending time in my local children’s hospital, I was left with a feeling of amazement and gratitude for not only the pleasant surroundings but to all the people that touched our lives by ‘just doing their job’. The building itself doesn’t feel like a hospital, if it wasn’t for all the hand sanitiser and hospital equipment, you’d never know. The environment is bright, warm and calm. The Doctors and Nurses were always understanding and helpful. They explained everything in plain English and directed all of their questions not only to me but to my daughter too.

The impressive in-hospital entertainment

Between the wheelie TV/DVD players, the free WIFI and the play areas dotted around the ward containing arts, crafts, books, puzzles, magazines and toys, I was impressed! That’s not where it ends though, we were visited by a beautiful brown Labrador one afternoon who is simply there with her handler to put a smile on the Children’s faces. I think she was having just as much fun, laying on her back with all fours in the air, having her tummy tickled. Then there was Dr Snug, a lively, brightly coloured, mischievous clown, who went round the ward telling jokes reading stories and generally causing trouble. Some of these facilities are funded by Rockinghorse, who have been tirelessly fund raising for over 45 years to raise money for cutting-edge medical equipment whilst ensuring children are treated in an environment that is warm, bright and caring.

Giving something back

When we were discharged I was of course over the moon, we were finally going home! I could finally stop worrying. In the weeks since we’ve been home, I’m pleased to report my daughter has made a full recovery and is back to all her normal activities. However I felt I wanted to give something back. I want to help in some way, I want to know someone else’s child is going to have the same experience, and in their time of need there’ll be someone or something there, to put the smile back on their face. So in a bid to show my thanks and admiration, Facemediagroup will be officially Supporting Rockinghorse by donating £1 to  from every set of seasonal greetings cards sold until the 24th December 2013. 

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