Kerri meets Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Added on 10/07/2013

Kerri met Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at a prestigious night in Whitehall.

Our very own Kerri Stakim has attended an evening in the company of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at Admiralty House in Whitehall. The event was part of National Apprenticeships Week where Kerri was invited because of the apprentice of the year award that she won last year.

The reception focused upon the many benefits of the apprenticeship scheme and the opportunity it presents to both employers and the apprentices themselves. The evening also exhibited the creative talents the apprentices contributed towards some of the country's most famous exports.

Of the employers in attendance, many well known names showcased their apprentice’s skills including Bentley Motors, Dr Martens and the V&A Museum in London.

Nick Clegg explained how he wanted to encourage the development of the apprenticeship scheme and how he would like to do more for the smaller companies as well as helping the progress of the apprentices within them. He also wished the best of luck to Face Media Group.

As well as the Deputy Prime Minister being present, Jenny Westworth, who was a winner at the National Apprenticeships Awards in 2012 and is an engineer at BAE Systems, was also there and was keen to emphasise how her apprenticeship was the best possible career choice she could have made.

Face Media Group were very excited to have Kerri at the event and continue to have thriving apprentices in all departments of our small business.

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