Britain has gone cycling mad - On your bike!

Added on 13/09/2013

Britain has gone cycling mad recently with all the coverage and success from last year’s Olympics, to Chris Froome winning the 100th edition of this year’s Tour de France. I’m lucky enough to cycle to work and every day, and ride past all the different kinds of cyclists. Couples on tandems, hipsters on fixies, I even rode past a bloke on a penny farthing the other day! There are numerous cycling websites popping up all the time and I stumbled upon this beauty the other day, whilst doing some research.


Designers and bike lovers Romain Bourdieux and Thomas Pomarelle worked together to build this amazing parallax scrolling website Using simple illustrations and clean typography they ask ‘What kind of cyclist are you?’ Parallax scrolling websites use multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a sensation of depth. The technique was originally used in classic video games like Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog, but Romain and Thomas have really brought this approach up to date with fresh illustrations and use of modern navigation. We’ve been experimenting with parallax designs ourselves in the studio recently and will be putting the sites live very soon. Cyclemon have also released a limited edition screen print of each design using non-toxic inks. Our litho presses use vegetable based inks, and hold ISO14001 environmental standards certification, and more and more people are asking for their work to be printed on recycled stocks.

Tour de Britain

Another thing to catch my eye recently is Halfords new Tour de Britain campaign, encouraging the people of Britain to ‘Get on your bike!’ This brilliant ad again features the various kinds of cyclists of Britain and shows BMX riders flying in off a grassy verge, narrowly avoiding the dads with babies in bike seats on the back, as they wave at them to slow down. The ad finishes with a group of small screaming girls overtaking the lycra- clad gents on racers with the strapline ‘Get on Your Bike’ - BRILLIANT!

Grab a cuppa and watch the video below:

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