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Added on 10/07/2013

The Future of Web Design is a fantastic design conference based in London. For almost a decade they have produced conferences featuring the world’s leading designers and developers, and this year I was lucky enough to visit.

The “Future Of Web Design” is a fantastic design conference based in London. For almost a decade they have organised conferences that feature the world’s leading website designers and developers, and this year I was lucky enough to visit.

Websites and applications are such an important part of modern life that it’s hard to remember the time when you couldn’t access your email from your phone or share photos with your friends simply by clicking a button. Another modern feature of the industry is the increasing importance of responsive web design, which allows for web pages to be displayed across the full range of devices we which we all use nowadays. Most speakers at the conference touched on the subject, which was great as it’s one of the main features our clients do ask about. As there are so many different sized devices that users can access a website on now, it’s more important than ever that web pages are scaled correctly to give viewers a cohesive user experience, whether they’re looking at a 40” Smart TV or a Tablet.

Understanding web typography

One of my favourite talks from the day was by Jim Kidwell, a graphic designer and typographer from the US. He talked about the important things to consider when using type on a web page and gave some handy hints and tips on how you can ensure the text on a website is easily legible and visually engaging. Typography is a much more important part of a website now and thanks to services like Typekit and Google Web fonts, and there’s so much more you can do to keep designs looking more current and up-to-date.

Digital Fireworks

Another interesting talk was by Seb Lee-Delisle, an award winning digital artist and programmer, who demonstrated some live coding. In a matter of minutes Seb showed us how easy it is to create some simple visual effects using code, and as a designer who’s slightly apprehensive about programming it was really interesting to see! He also showed us one of his most famous projects – Digital Fireworks! Using high resolution projectors and infa-red motion detectors, he made orbs of light move like fireworks as your wave your hands in the air. Check out the video here to see it in action at the Brighton library:

Roll on next year!

Overall the day was packed full of inspiration and education, and I’m looking forward to using some of these ideas and techniques in my upcoming projects. Roll on next year!

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