Just because you shot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James

Added on 09/08/2013

As we get closer to the final instalment of the massively addictive but brilliant Breaking Bad, the shows creators are hyping up the PR and marketing for the end of the series. The first half of the final season shows the series moving in a slightly new direction, by starting to make the audience become more weary and apprehensive of the famous Heisenberg, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how the story pans out and comes to a final conclusion.

The Grand Finale

The second half of this final season should give us some answers to our questions. Will Walter White go down in a final shoot out, quit making meth amphetamines for good, or will his lung cancer get the better of him? Will Walt’s DEA brother-in law Hank Shrader find out the cook he’s been chasing for years has been under his nose the whole time? And why has no-one thought it strange that 16 year old Walt Jr (or Flynn as he prefers to be called) is driving round in a $30,000 Dodge Challenger, when his parents own a carwash!?

The Art of Breaking Bad

Hundreds of designers have taken to their sketchbooks and computers to create some amazing fan art for the show. Social networks are buzzing with conversations, blogs are posting their theories on the ending and online communities like Dribbble and Tumblr are being flooded with Breaking Bad inspired artwork.

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