Using Competitions to Raise Social Media Awareness

Added on 11/11/2013

#WIN £500 of High Street Shopping Vouchers.

That's the strap we used recently, in a campaign to raise our FaceBook likes to over 1000. When we started the campaign a couple of weeks ago, we had approx 450 likes to our FaceBook business page. Within just a couple of weeks, this has grown to over 1200, and the competition still has 3 weeks left to run. You can enter below.

Win £500 High Street Shopping Vouchers

How we increased our FaceBook likes.

We hope to hit 2000 likes by the time the competition closes.

A successful competition must have a significant prize.

It must have a value, an impressive value. An Ipad, a new car, a wad of cash, or some vouchers. This kind of prize will spread like wild-fire.

Push the link out through social media

If the competition is a FaceBook competition, push it predominantly through FaceBook. If your target is Twitter followers, then push it through Twitter.

Use 'competition websites' to promote your competition.

Believe it or not, many people enter competitions through specific competition websites. They enter them, then tell all their friends. You can find these websites by googling 'Submit a competition'. It's usually free, and once your entry is verified, it will go out live to the website's subscribers.

Choosing the winner

Letting everyone know who wins is very important, and a good opportunity to get visitors back to your website to see if they are indeed the lucky winner. We will be videoing our prize draw, and uploading it to our website.

The PR Opportunity

Once our winner has been identified and verified, distance permitting, we'll take the price to them, and get a photo of the prize hand over. This shows competition entrants, that this prize is real, and encourage an increase on contestants for future competitions. We will submit the photo of the winner to their local newspaper and hopefully gain some free PR that way too. "Thanks Face Media Group, you made my Christmas".

If you are serious about increasing your social media network, a good competition is certainly a great way to raise awareness.

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