Author: Adam Prew
Published: 20/08/2013

Vintage style design is a personal favorite of mine, and once I had the chance to design this flyer for the vintage car importer, Rie-Store, my imagination started running riot.

When we received the spec from the client it was great to see they had a rough layout in mind, but were happy for me to have a play with the design elements. This is my favourite way of working.

Trusting your designer always pays dividends, as they have the flair and imagination to really bring your ideas to life and giving them free reign allows them to bring the best ideas to your project.

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The design process

This design was created by layering up different paper textures, with a burnt-out wash to bring out an authentic vintage feel. We had also worked on the original branding of the company when we created their website, and their burgundy and light caramel colours worked really well with the vintage look. This combined with the fact that the client already had some brilliant images for us to use - which is an absolutely fundamental aspect for good flyer design.

Flyers have to grab people's attention quickly as they're handed out or are glanced at on notice boards and shop counters, so having some really nice images is a great way of attracting audience effectively.

We did have to do a bit of "photo shopping" to pull the main image on the front of the flyer out from its background so that it sat nicely on the circle design, and we also bought the image of the lady on the front from iStock photos. This is a great resource to use if you are not able to supply images, as we can buy royalty free images for a fraction of the price of a photo shoot.

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