FREE Blank Greetings Card Templates

Author: Ellie Williamson
Published: 27/09/2013

Greeting card templates free to download.

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These templates have been set up just like everyday greetings cards. They have a blank back cover, with just some simple contact details of the printer on. The templates come in different sizes in both portrait and landscape so that you're able to deliver your greetings in a number of ways. The differing sizes make them ideal for any sort of business or personal use.

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Ellie Williamson Pre Press Expert
I form part of the Pre-Press team, working meticulously to ensure your artwork is print ready and will achieve the best outcome possible. I am a huge book worm, enjoy creating my own greetings cards, experimenting with nail varnish designs and am crazy obsessed with handbags! I have been at FMG over 5 years and started as an apprentice. I love it #OFMG
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