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Author: Jim Cunliffe
Published: 27/09/2013

It doesn't take a corporate gym membership or company car to keep your staff loyal. No... it's as simple as a business card - and with a set of quality full colour business cards from £12, you can't go wrong here at Face Media Group.

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Why not tool-up every member of staff you have, with a set of cards. It's easy to do - just send us the artwork, or tell us the changes to the card we already have on our system, and we'll even book it in for you.

There's no longer any need to batch order your staff's business cards, with todays digital technology, you can order business cards by the set. As soon as a new member of staff comes on board, order them some cards...they'll feel like a proper member of your team immediately. We have a client, who makes his new staff members order new cards themselves, for themselves - they love it - the thought of a brand new set of business cards in time for the weekend (so they can show all their friends... you never know, some extra business could come of it).

Business Card Template Service

If we print your companies business cards, and you'd like us to template your designs, then just ask. Its a free service we offer, were we'll keep your template on file, waiting for when you next need a set. You just let us know the important information (name, job title, email,  etc.) and we'll open up the original template, make the necessary changes, and get the job booked in for a print run.

Call now and talk to Customer Services about how our Business Card templating service can help you. Tel 0333 8000 888

Reorder Tips

When reordering from a template, click the type of business card you require, to your basket.

For 'Job Name' we'll require a title laid out like this - 'Company - Name - with changes' (For instance, your job name might be ' Animal Biz Card - A Body - with changes' - this will let the studio know that it's the standard Animal business card... in the name 'A Body').

In the section titled 'Job Description' - simply put the detail of the new starter. The full name as you want it displayed on the card, their email, job description, direct dial number, etc.  At the next page, when asked to upload some artwork - you might upload the persons picture (if you wanted it added to the card - some people do now days - makes for a happier business card) - if not - just upload any small jpg file - something needs to be uploaded, in order for the system to move to the next step.

Then invoice and delivery are next - once the job is confirmed, it will go straight into the studio, soon enough you'll have a proof waiting for approval. Stick it on a credit card, and we'll get your new cards on the next print run.

Think this sounds like a plan? Call 0333 8000 888 now and talk to us about how our Business Card templating service can help you.

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