Tips for Buying Promotional Leaflets and Flyers

Author: Adam Prew
Published: 12/07/2013

So - who needs flyers?

Everybody! In fact it's hard to think of a business that couldn't benefit from using flyers to promote their products or services in some way.

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Ideas for using flyers and leaflets

For example, you might want to:

  • Tell people you've launched a new business
  • Let customers know your business is relocating or expanding
  • Announce you're having a big sale, or running special offers or discounts
  • Give out product information
  • Advertise the services you offer
  • Distribute a takeaway menu
  • Advertise an event, such as a club night, food festival or craft show
  • Attach after-sales information to a receipt

Are they expensive?

Flyers can be printed on a digital press, meaning that a short print run is a really cost-effective, and a great way to promote your business on a budget.

For bigger marketing campaigns, we use a process called 'batch printing' to print flyers in quantities of 2000+ on our litho press. This simply means that your artwork fills one space on a sheet (there's room for 16 x A6 flyers), and the cost of making plates and setting up the press is shared, making flyer printing really affordable at any quantity.

And Don't Forget - flyers are not subject to VAT like most other printed items, so this is yet another good reason to use a flyer to promote yourself and your business.

What's the difference between a flyer and a leaflet?

Simply put, the paper we print them on. Leaflets are designed to be left around in bulk for people to help themselves to, such as on counters or in leaflet dispensers, whereas flyers are normally handed out or put through letterboxes, so need to be sturdier and more durable.

At Face Media Group, a standard flyer is printed in full colour on 300gsm silk coated card or 380 micron 100% recycled card, and can be any size from 'CC' (credit card sized) up to A4.

A Leaflet is more or less the same thing, except the paper options we offer as standard are thinner (130gsm or 170gsm), and a choice of silk or gloss. You can also opt to have your leaflets folded.

Of course, you're not limited to our core range of products - these options will tend to be the most cost-effective, but we can offer a wide variety of paper/card weights and finishes to suit your needs.

In the wider world, there's no 'standard' for what constitutes a flyer or a leaflet. People often use the terms interchangeably, and we encourage you to talk to us about how you are planning to use your flyer or what you want to achieve so we can help you pick the right product.

What should I include on my flyer?

Remember, your flyer is an advert - it's not a business card, and it's not a brochure. Your aim is to sell, inform, or attract interest - so you need to keep your message simple.

Don't just list the services you provide, or the products you sell - this doesn't make you stand out from the crowd. What is your unique selling point (USP)? What problem can you solve for your customers? What can you offer them that your competition can't?

Don't overcrowd the flyer with copy; faced with a huge wall of text, people simply won't read it. Focus on one point, keep the message catchy and straightforward, and encourage your audience to call you or visit your website for further information.

Give your audience an incentive to get in touch. For example 'Quote FLYER-JAN-14 and receive a 10% discount on any order placed in January'

Once you've decided what goal you want to achieve with your flyer, and have written a first draft of the text, you can then think about how you might like the design to look. You can also decide what size/shape would work best, how it's being distributed, and your budget.

If you'd like to create your own artwork, have a look at some of our fantastic resources

If graphic design isn't your strong point, give our in-house designers a call on 0333 8000 888 to see how we can help.

How can I make my flyer a bit different?

How about producing a flyer in a bespoke shape? Standard flyers are cut on a guillotine, but we can also die-cut them to special shapes (we have a range of existing dies including circles, door hangers, and DL flyers with a pop-out business card, or you can get creative and make your own!)

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