Tips for Buying Printed Fridge Magnets

Author: Kerri Stakim
Published: 19/07/2013

Fridge magnets are a great marketing tool to get your business brand out there and be remembered. Whether you are a salon, a builder, or a finance consultant, you all have your own customers who need your details - so it doesn't matter what industry you're in!

They're different, fun and eye catching.

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What are they made of?

Our fridge magnets are made from a bendy magnetic PVC material, stuck onto card, and then finished with a gloss laminate to give a professional shiny finish before being die-cut to shape.

What shapes and sizes can I have?

Our magnet shapes include standard rectangles (with rounded or straight corners), squares, circles, ovals, food and drink, vehicles, houses and recycling items to name just a few. It all depends on what industry you are in and what are using them for. We can do bespoke shapes - you will need to send through your artwork first and we can get a bespoke quote together for you. 

The magnets come in a range of different sizes, with the most popular being the business card size (85mm x 55mm rectangle with rounded corners), but check out the catalogue for the full range!

What about my design?

The plain magnets are the ones you can print your own designs on. The most effective designs are simple, but use bright colours and images for high impact. All the magnets really need is your logo, contact details, and maybe a few things you do, which you can then give away to your clients to keep on their fridge at home or in the office. Because of the size, you don't want too much information. We can also print variable data if you want different names, dates, or codes on your magnets.

Our fridge magnets are in full colour CMYK, with short runs printed digitally and large runs lithographically.

It doesn't stop there!

We can also produce:

The last items can be used as educational tools or just for entertainment! We have some in stock, or you can create designs of your own, making them ideal for schools, nurseries and educational organisations.

Get your business out there!

What better way to get your business brand and details out there than to have your details plastered across your client's fridge, where it can be seen every day! And the more people that see your branding and details, the more memorable you become and the more calls you'll get.

As well as gaining new customers it is also important to keep the ones that you do have, so don't be forgotten and hand out these ideal giveaways freely!

Check out the fridge magnet catalogue for more details and get in touch for a quote!

Think of it as your Business Card on a Fridge!

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